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When Mr. George Albert Watkins, an Englishman & Mr. Edward Crossy Pereira, a Frenchman came together to import & distribute pharmaceutical products, they never did visualise that the operations would transform over the years to form one of India’s most reputed pharmaceutical company


In 2013,
Celebrated 90 years of excellence Bonafide - Ortho Division Launched.



In 2012,
Certificate of Recognition ( Export House)


In 2011,
OPTIMA Division Launched



In 2009,
Unconventional Business Launched


In 2004,
Rajajinagar Plant operations discontinued. Winds of change and turnaround by Company.



In 2001/02,
Herbal Division Launched


In 2000,
Company entered into Generics market



In 1998,
Celebrated 75 Years of incorporation


In 1997,2004,2010,
IDMA Excellency Award



In 1997,
Company’s Distribution system changed from Super Distributors to Clearing & Forwarding Agents operation in all States


In 1996 till date,
WHO GMP Recognition every two years



In 1996,
Tabletting facility put up in Peenya, Bangalore


In 1994,
Diversified into manufacturing Furnishing Fabrics. Plant put up at Kharchi near Bharuch



In 1993,
Public issue of shares/ debentures by Company


In 1992,
Injectable Plant put up by Company at Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Abhay Kanoria takes over as Chairman



In 1988,
Mr. Abhay Kanoria invited to Board


In 1985,
Shifted all Mumbai activities to Bangalore as a consolidation process. Kanorias taken over the Company.First Indian (Shri. Ajay Kumar Kanoria) appointed as Chairman of the Company



In 1983/84,
Pantene rights given away.


In 1979,
Due to Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA), Roche diluted shares. Institutions stepped in. Bonus shares issued for the first time. Nitrazepam in Tablets form launched for first time in India



In 1977,
Bulk Drug Plant put up in Bangalore


In 1974,
Company entered Cosmetics market by introducing PANTENE, a Hair tonic.



In 1973/74,
Manufacturing activities commenced at Rajan House, Mumbai and Bangalore. Successful introduction of Syu (protein supplement). Company celebrates 50 years of incorporation.


In 1972,
First Indian (Mr. T.K.R. Menon) appointed as Managing Director. Repurchased machineries from Roche



In 1967,
First Development Laboratories put up in Mumbai


In 1963,
Company’s Medical Service Representatives first time posted for 3 years in Kenya. Company’s activities cover Sri Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Gyana, Pakistan, Burma, Bangkok



In 1961,
Manufacturing unit facilities taken over by Roche by purchasing all machineries


In 1960,
Factory building raised to four floors. Company became deemed Public Limited.



In 1959,
Became member of Indian Drug Manufacturers Association Company taken over by Roche


In 1954/55,
First Manufacturing facility put up in Mumbai



In 1942,
Registration of Trade Marks Epilan/ Papyta and Company logo


In 1942,
Registration of Beplex range of products. Pioneer in promoting B-Complex Tablets



In 1925,
Mr. Watkins appointed as Managing Director


In 1925,
Promoters resign; and Mr. George Roure and Mr. J.I. Ross became sole shareholders



In 1923,
Company incorporated as a Private Limited firm by an English and Frenchman, Mr. George Albert Watkins and Mr.Edward Crosy Pereira

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