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Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd is a professionally managed pharmaceutical company which started its own state-of-the-art plant in 1996 at Peenya, Bangalore. The company’s operations are managed by well qualified, experienced and competent managers heading each functional area. All the products manufactured by company are of highest quality, safe, effective and the manufacturing operations comply with cGMP standards. The in-built quality of the products is achieved by validated technology, best resources, effective cGMP, exquisite TQM, efficient trained personnel and excellent product design.

The endeavours to strategically upgrade our infrastructure and manufacturing facilities have served us well. With the norms of Pharmaceutical manufacturing undergoing significant positive changes, keeping pace with the infrastructure requirement is challenging. Anglo French have constantly monitored the changing environment and invested in keeping pace with the changing times. These investments have not been limited to plant and equipment, but extended to systems upgrades, skill development and know- how building across the organization. Today, Anglo French possess amongst the best systems, processes and production facilities and continue to invest in keeping ahead of the changes that industry would see in coming years.

With recent investment in our plant we are ready to meet any regulatory audits. The plant is approved by NDA-Uganda, Ukraine and shall be facing MCC audit by 2014.

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