Pharmaceutical Marketing

When You Deserve More Than Just a Medicine

When a doctor speaks about nutritional supplements in India, the first name that comes in his/her mind is Anglo French. The company started its successful journey of keeping India happy and healthy in 1942 with its flagship brand BEPLEX FORTE and since this pre-Independence period, has been the leader in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, Anglo French is in the market with different kinds of formulations which can cater to any age group; from children to the senior members of the nation. The preliminary types available from Anglo French include

  • Injections for acute treatments
  • Syrups and drops for pediatrics
  • Tablets/ capsules for adults

Are you looking for painlessEpilepsy treatment? EPILAN, the miraculous drug from Anglo French manages the disease with ease while the classic hypnotic benzodiazepine NITRAVET relieves the patient from pain. BEPLEX, EPILAN and NITRAVET are some of the most sought after brands in the Indian market; popular for their quick cure and less side effects.

Anglo French is also safeguarding Indians from day-to-day health issues, which include cough and cold and pains. The nutraceuticals, vitamins, CNS and GI are familiar names not only amongst medics and medical representatives but also among common people from years.

Anglo French is ruling the Indian medicine industry serving almost 75,000 medical practitioners annually. The sales team of Anglo French is just not a cell meeting targets and earning revenue for the company but a talent team who are eager to bring the best of medicine to people through medical consultants.The well distributed network of Anglo French involves 24 CFAs and 1600 stockists who leave no stone unturned to provide all new miracles in medicine to patients; at present medicines from Anglo French is available over 50,000 stores in the country.