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About Us

When a doctor speaks about nutritional supplements in India, the first name that comes in his/her mind is Anglo-French Drugs (AFDIL)., We have the privilege of being the India's first Pharmaceutical company to manufacture single vitamin injections and a combination of B-complex Vitamins.

Anglo-French is one of the Top Pharmaceutical, Drugs and Medicine Manufacturing Companies in India whose journey began in 1923 when it was started with a vision to make India self-sufficient in manufacturing of nutrition healthcare products. Today, we have emerged as a dynamic, rapidly expanding pharmaceutical company with capabilities of the development of therapeutic formulations. We are thriving through the marketing, sales and distribution of these products.

 We at Anglo-French Drugs are committed to address the unmet medical needs through our inherent expertise and perfection.

When you deserve more than just medicines...


We, at AFDIL, are committed to providing pharmaceutical products of global quality standards all over the world at affordable prices to the societywith a view to help bring down healthcare costs. The product quality is established through a well defined stability plan in line with ICH guidelines. We follow the standard procedure to maintain the quality of the products.

We at Anglo French follow stringent quality standards to ensure that all the products being manufactured are consistently safe, effective and of good quality. We ensure that each stage of the manufacturing process is validated to ascertain that the finished products comply with predetermined quality and design. Products manufactured by AFDIL are of the highest quality, safe and effective.

The quality of the products is achieved by following:

  • Validated Technology

  • Best Resources in the Industry

  • Effective Current Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Efficient and trained Personnel

  • Excellent Product Design and

  • Continuous in-process monitoring


We have a well-equipped Quality Control (QC) laboratory, which ensures that our pharmaceutical products are pure, safe and effective and are released only after thorough analysis as per stringent specifications, methods and procedures.

We have a team of experienced professionals at all levels to perform, guide monitor and control activities. The Quality Control Unit aggressively monitors not only the finished products but also every procedure involved in manufacturing and marketing. The Quality Control Department with its discerning eye has earned for the company, the coveted WHO GMP approval. We march towards perfection in the quality with the tradition of excellence in manufacturing of oral formulations & Parenterals.

Anglo French strongly believes that the key factor for success is QUALITY and we are committed to the same.


We build on our strong heritage and values to deliver high quality medication and services.


Our well-equipped, advanced Research and Development division, established over the years, is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It is the think tank, the basis for cutting-edge technologies that stand out among those from the competitors. The R & D group entails the development of affordable formulations including tablet manufacturing, capsules manufacturing, and liquid orals, catching up with the technological advances in the Indian pharmaceutical industry of medical and pharmaceutical science to meet customers’ changing needs. It constantly endeavours to bring in innovative manufacturing procedures so as to serve its customers in a better way.

Anglo-French Drugs and Industries has built an impressive identity for itself with over 300 products selling across the world. The company has market leading brands in nutraceuticals, CNS, skin and respiratory segments. However, our biggest strength is our family comprising of nearly 1000 people, who work diligently to serve over 65,000 doctors, 50,000 chemists, medicine distributors, wholesalers, retailers,pcd pharma companies and all our other affiliated parties.

AFDIL currently has the following divisions AFD Pharma, Hospicare, Optima, Trading, and Export. We are building next-generational pharmaceutical science solutions focused on the health and well-being of the Indian population – both urban and rural.

Having seen 100 years, AFDIL looks forward to taking up on a 100 more with the continued promise of exceptional quality and being one of the best Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing Companies in India.


Our Vision

We Build On Our Strong Heritage And Values To Deliver High Quality Medication And Services.