Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd
Anglo-French Drugs & Industries Ltd


AFDIL is in the business of health care to mitigate human ailments so it is very important to maintain the quality standards. We, at AFDIL, are committed to providing pharmaceutical products of global quality standards all over the world. 


AFDIL currently has the following divisions:

  • AFD Pharma
  • Hospicare
  • Export
  • Optima
  • Trading


We are building next-generational pharmaceutical solutions focused on the health and well-being of the Indian population – both urban and rural.

Having seen 100 years, the company is looking forward to taking up on a 100 more with the continued promise of exceptional quality.

AFD Pharma Division | AFDIL
AFD Pharma

Focused on an aging population, AFD Pharma division offers a complete portfolio of products focused on wellness & immunity. The product focus in immunity builders, fertility, liver health and general well-being. Pharmaceutical, Drugs and Medicine Manufacturing Company in India

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Hospicare Division | AFDIL

Hospicare products are focused on Orthopedic doctors and general health, the division uses established channels of the institutional and surgical business to synergistically grow into a preferred partner for doctors.

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Optima Division | AFDIL
AFD Optima

AFD Optima division ensures that no one in India falls short of AFD’s medicines. More than 350 products in various therapeutic segments are sold across India at affordable prices. Generic medicine manufacturers in India

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AFD Export Division | AFDIL
AFD Export

AFDIL began its journey way back in 1923 as a pharmaceutical company by focusing on the domestic market only. But, as of now, the company has achieved milestones in the international market too by expanding its export division.

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AFD Trading Division | AFDIL
AFD Trading

AFD Trading focuses on supplying Raw materials to Pharma manufacturers. As ANGLO FRENCH we are major formulation manufacturer of Vitamins and we are strong in sourcing vitamins and API’s from India and overseas.

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Dormir Bien Private Limited
Dormir Bien Private Limited

Sleep is not merely a state of rest; it's an important physiological process of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, for millions across India, snoring and sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have disrupted not only this essential process but also overall health and well-being, leading to several health issues and a decreased quality of life.

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