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Dormir Bien Private Limited

Sleep is not merely a state of rest; it's an important physiological process of a healthy lifestyle. Yet, for millions across India, snoring and sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have disrupted not only this essential process but also overall health and well-being, leading to several health issues and a decreased quality of life.

Understanding this vital role of sleep in a healthy lifestyle, Dormir Bien emerges as a pioneer, dedicated to improving the sleep experience and improving lives. Derived from the French words for "sleep well," Dormir Bien is an Anglo-French Drug and Industries Limited subsidiary. 

We at Dormir Bien embody our commitment to revolutionizing the way India sleeps.

 Dormir Bien Connect, is an exclusive digital initiative to be launched for our esteemed doctors by Dormir Bien Pvt Ltd (subsidiary of Anglo-French Drugs and Industries Ltd). We are committed to bringing innovative solutions focused on sleep health for patients.

Through this program HCPs will be able to access-
đź“‘Latest content on sleep disorders
🛜Upcoming events
đź’ŠKnow more about our products and place order directly
📲Connect with our representatives and more!

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