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KAL-D3 Tablets


  • Condition with weaker and brittle bones
  • Osteoporosis due to weaker and brittle bones
  • Reduced immunity
  • Inadequate supply of calcium in bones



  • Helps in formation of stronger bones
  • Improves calcium absorption into the blood
  • Strengthens the bones and increases bone mineral density
  • Antioxidant property protects the bones against oxidative stress caused due to free radicals
  • Anti-inflammatory property protects the bones against inflammations and swellings
  • Antimicrobial property helps protect against microbial attack
  • Enhances immunity

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Frequently Asked Questions

KAL-D3 consists of powerful ingredients that help in strengthening the weak bones by protecting it against inflammations, infections and scarring. It also helps in higher calcium intake into the blood with the help of Vitamin D3 that ensures improves bone mineral density. 

KAL-D3 consists of Isoflavones that are extremely beneficial in boosting immunity owing to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties that help in preventing the entry of harm causing substances into the body and improving the immune defence mechanism of the body. 

Osteoporosis is a condition of the bones that makes them weak and brittle. It makes them very fragile and are at a risk of fractures.  

Yes, KAL-D3 can help in reducing the inflammations in the bone joints and cartilages and also reduces the pain and swelling. 

Taking KAL-D3 Tablets for as long duration as possible will be beneficial as it helps in strengthening the bones and improves immunity while also playing a role in faster healing and reducing inflammation.  


What our customers say

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Limezo-DZ Testimonial
Limezo-DZ Testimonial

"I am using LIVOCUMIN Tablet. It is a very good combination for liver disorders and gives good results in Hepatitis, Jaundice and loss of appetite in patients. I am prescribing this product twice a day. Thanks."

Dr. Anand Saraf - Livocumin Testimonial Ujjain

"I have tried LYBER Capsule in one of my patients with severe Oligoasthenoteratozoospermia for a continuous 6 months. Now, his semen parameters have improved and my patient conceived in the second attempt of IUI."

Dr. Bhranti Chhallani - Lyber Testimonial Thane, Mumbai

Ananya sharing her story tells us how Limezo DZ has helped her in everyday life. From boosting her immunity to taking care of her skin, Limezo DZ has helped her feel more energetic and positive about the challenges that she faces in her busy life.

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Sneha being a fitness enthusiast says Limezo-DZ helped her in staying more energetic throughout the day, strengthened her immune system, and helped in maintaining healthy skin and hair. She also recommended it to all her friends and followers.

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