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Spirulina: The miracle Superfood

Spirulina is a blue-green alga that is one of the oldest living organisms on the earth. Recently, it has become a preferred choice for vegans and vegetarians for its superb protein content along with other vital nutrients.

What are Probiotics and can we take probiotics daily?

Probiotics, also called as the “good bacteria”, are the living organisms residing in our gut. The word “bacteria” is often thought to be something harmful, but, these bacteria are all about the good! These promote a healthy gut, maintains the digestive health and boosts immunity.

5 simple ways to boost your immunity

The immune system protects our body from harmful pathogens and ensures rapid recovery from illness and injury. Good immunity directly affects the quality of life you lead. Our immune systems work day and night to keep us healthy, and until something goes wrong we don't even realize it.